Microsoft Azure Administrator

What Is Microsoft Azure Administrator?

The Azure Administrator certification (AZ-104 Exam Dumps) is one of Microsoft’s entry-level certifications. Its main goal is to help students learn by doing with Azure. This certification is for experienced IT administrators who work with Azure every day. It is also a great way to show off your skills and get a lot of lab experience if you are looking for your first Azure job.

Exam NameMicrosoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104)
Exam FormatMultiple Choice, Multiple Response, Drag and Drop, Scenario-based questions
Total Questions40-60
Exam Duration120 minutes
Passing Score700 out of 1000
Exam LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)

Exam Content Areas

DomainWeight (%)Example Questions
Manage Azure identities and governance15-20%– Configure Azure AD identity protection
– Manage Azure AD objects (users, groups, and devices)
– Implement and manage hybrid identities
Implement and manage storage15-20%– Configure and manage Azure Blob Storage
– Manage Azure file shares and Azure File Sync
– Implement Azure Backup
Deploy and manage Azure compute resources20-25%– Configure VMs for high availability and scalability
– Automate deployment of VMs by using templates
– Create and configure containers
Configure and manage virtual networking25-30%– Implement and manage virtual networking
– Secure access to virtual networks
– Configure name resolution by using custom DNS settings
Monitor and maintain Azure resources10-15%– Monitor resources by using Azure Monitor
– Implement backup and recovery
– Manage Azure automation and configuration management

Study Resources

Tips for Exam Preparation

  • Understand Exam Objectives: Review the official exam skills outline provided by Microsoft.
  • Hands-On Practice: Gain practical experience by working on Azure services and features.
  • Use Practice Tests: Familiarize yourself with the exam format and types of questions.
  • Review Incorrect Answers: Understand why you got questions wrong and review the concepts.
  • Time Management: Practice managing your time effectively during practice exams to ensure you can complete all questions in the allotted time.

The AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator certification exam is for people with experience implementing, managing, and monitoring a Microsoft Azure environment. The exam will test your technical skills by implementing you implement solutions based on different scenarios. If you have managed infrastructure before, it will be easy for you to understand the ideas and services.

AZ-104 Exam Dumps

AZ-104 Exam Dumps To take and pass these exams, you must show that you can manage an Azure environment for a customer by configuring Compute, Storage, Network, and other Azure services that engineering and operations teams usually take care of.

What Is A Microsoft AZ-104 Exam Dump?

The exam for the associate-level Azure certification from Microsoft is AZ-104. Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator is the full name of the test, and Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate is the full name of the certification. The AZ-104 test shows how well an administrator can set up, run, and keep an eye on an entire Azure environment.

Azure Administrator Associate isn’t the most basic certification Microsoft offers for Azure administration. The Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification is for IT professionals who are just starting to learn about Azure. Both AZ-104 and the Azure Administrator Associate are considered to be intermediate-level.

AZ-104 Exam Dumps Many other Azure certifications focus on specific areas of knowledge, such as how to run the Azure Stack Hub or manage Identity and Access. Unlike those more specialized certifications, the AZ-104 covers a wide range of Azure administrative skills. With the Azure Administrator Associate certification, a person is ready to work on any part of an Azure administration team. For a company’s Azure environment, a team of Azure administrators is in charge of many different tasks. The AZ-104 exam checks whether an administrator is ready to manage Azure identities, set up storage, deploy Azure compute resources, set up virtual networking, and back up Azure resources.

Why Should You Get Certified As An Azure Administrator?

If you pass the AZ-104 exam for Azure certification, you’ll be able to start your professional career and find lucrative opportunities. You can also have the chance to make about $100,000 in the United States. You need to know why you need to get the Microsoft Azure Administrator certification. The Azure platform is becoming more and more important to businesses all over the world.

The process of moving to the cloud, on the other hand, is scary. Businesses look for people with great skills, knowledge, and experience to run the process so that the change goes smoothly and works well. By getting a professional Azure certification, you can show that you are a good fit for the job.

Now that you know why you should get this certification, keep reading this AZ-104 study guide to learn more about the exam.

What Are The Goals Of The AZ-104 Exam Dumps?

The AZ-104 is the only exam you must pass to get the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification. Even though each of these broad categories can go into a lot of detail, it’s pretty clear that the main goal of AZ-104 is to see if an IT professional can step into the role of an Azure administrator and be good at it right away.

What Kind Of Experience Do You Need For Microsoft AZ-104 Exam Dumps?

Since there are no formal requirements to take the AZ-104, you can do so at any time. But it’s important to remember what the certification is testing: whether or not an administrator is ready to work as part of an Azure administration team. Administrators of Azure often work in teams where they are expected to know a little about everything. Microsoft promises employers that a person with this certification can do any task of administration or maintenance on their Azure environments at the associate level.

Because of this, Microsoft says you should have used Azure for at least six months before taking the AZ-104. Hands-on experience with the ins and outs of administering Azure will help you understand the core Azure services, Azure workloads, security, and governance you’ll be working with. Aside from that, you should know how to use the Azure command line interface, the Azure portal, PowerShell, and Azure Resource Manager templates.

Who Should Take AZ-104 Dumps?

The AZ-104 is a good choice for systems administrators, network administrators, and new IT professionals. If you want or hope to work with Azure in your career, you can show potential employers and managers that you are ready by taking the AZ-104.

Do Systems Administrators Need To Take AZ-104 Exam Dumps?

The AZ-104 is worth it for systems administrators, but only if Microsoft Azure powers the devices and networks they work on. Azure administration is very similar to traditional, on-premises systems administration in many ways. Still, if you don’t work with Azure, you won’t be able to use the methods on the AZ-104 exam.

On the other hand, the AZ-104 is worth it if you’ve been working as a systems administrator outside of Azure and want to get ready to move to Azure. Preparing for and taking the AZ-104 exam can automatically show a systems administrator what the cloud service does and how it differs from traditional administration.

Do Network Administrators Need To Take AZ-104 Exam Dumps?

Just like with systems administrators, the AZ-104 is worth it for network administrators whose networks use Microsoft Azure. Especially if you’ve spent some of your careers working on networks that aren’t connected to Azure, your prep work will show you how to combine your traditional skills with what Azure does automatically for a network.

If you want to work as a network administrator for a long time, you should look for ways to learn about virtual networking. The AZ-104 is about both virtual machines and virtual networking. If you learn it early on in your career, you may be able to keep up with technology as it changes throughout your career.

Is it worth It For A Help Desk Analyst To Take AZ-104 Dumps?

Yes, the AZ-104 is well worth it for Help Desk Analysts and other help desk workers. Using flowcharts or troubleshooting guides, you might be able to find problems and fix them at work. If you want to take on more advanced maintenance and monitoring tasks, you can learn how Azure works by taking the AZ-104 exam.

AZ-104 Exam Dumps

Your job at the help desk may not involve much more than writing and submitting tickets, but the AZ-104 is one way to show that you are good at what you do and want to move up to teams of administrators who take up and close tickets. If your job is to help Azure teams, passing the AZ-104 can be a big step in your career. It will set you apart and show that you’re growing in your job.

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Is It Worth It To Get The AZ-104 Exam Dumps?

The AZ-104 is well worth the time, effort, and money for young IT professionals who want a certification that gives them a solid foundation in basic administration skills. Employers and managers with teams of administrators like the peace of mind that comes with hiring someone who has passed Microsoft’s basic exam on Azure administration.

Not only that but studying for the AZ-104 and passing it can also lead to work in many other IT fields. The work you do to get the AZ-104 could give you a taste of many different things, from more advanced network administration to virtualization engineer.

AZ-104 Exam Dumps Is A Way To Learn Skills

For a new administrator, the AZ-104 is almost a list of all the skills and knowledge they will need to get their career off on the right foot. Even if you haven’t started your career yet—maybe you’re still in school or thinking about switching to IT work—you could easily use the AZ-104 as a checklist of everything you should know before applying for an Azure-related job.

The AZ-104 won’t be useful in every administration job. For example, a company that doesn’t use Azure won’t want to hire an Azure Administrator. But if you don’t want to put in the time and effort to get a comprehensive certification like CompTIA’s A+ and would rather spend a few months getting certified on one piece of technology, the AZ-104 shows you the basic skills you should learn to get started.

Using AZ-104 Dumps To Validate Skills

Certifications are a proven way to advance your career if you’ve worked in administration for a while but feel like you’re not getting anywhere. Passing the AZ-104 will show your boss and employer that Microsoft has verified your skills. It will also make you look good to competitors who might be willing to pay you more. Getting a certification can also give your career a safety net. When you have the AZ-104, you can apply for more advanced positions requiring more specialization.

Career Path Of Microsoft AZ-104 Exam Dumps

Applicants who do well on the AZ-104 test will be able to apply for the following jobs:

• System Administrator • Azure Technical Support Specialist • Network Administrator • Azure Cloud Administrator

Yes, many things could happen. And they don’t always mean leaving the job you have now. For example, says that a Systems Administrator who has passed the above exam and proven that they know how to use Microsoft Azure can expect to make $64,000. On the other hand, a Network Administrator with the same Microsoft skills makes an average of $65k per year.

But if you want to be an Azure Cloud Administrator, you should be ready to learn a lot about cloud computing and gain the skills you need to work on technical architectures. Even though it might seem like a lot of work, the rewards are worth it.

Benefits Of Getting Az-104 Exam Dumps

Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam Certification (AZ-104) is an important certification for professionals who want to work with Microsoft Azure. The certification proves they have the skills and knowledge to run the service. You can use the AZ-104:Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam Certification to help you get other certifications. Certification is the first step toward more advanced certifications.

AZ-104 Exam Dumps With the certification, professionals know how to use Azure services well enough that they don’t have to worry about changing their skills. Potential employers are more interested in this certification because it shows they know what they are doing. It also helps them get to the next level. Since the IT field is growing quickly, the certificate should be up-to-date, which will help your career. Every country has a different set of rules for how the certification is made possible, but the test cost is pretty much the same everywhere.

Policy instruments are one of the things that are covered in the certification. The certification exam also covers Active Directory, storage, virtual networking, virtual machines, cloud services, and hyper-convergence. Details about how to prepare for the test and where the test will be given should be given. This course is for people who want to become a Microsoft Azure Administrator or a Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect.


It’s not hard to get ready for the Azure administration exam. All you need are the right learning tools and the way to prepare for the test. You can be successful if you practice often and work hard. So, nothing can stop you if you want to do well on the test. Go ahead and start getting ready to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator.

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