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Master PL-900 certification with these essential Power Platform Fundamentals insights. Learn key concepts, tackle sample questions, and ace the exam.


Elevate your PL-900 exam readiness. Dive into Power Platform essentials, explore sample questions, and grasp crucial insights for a successful certification journey.

This article provides PL-900 certification exam preparation tips and includes a set of sample questions. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the Power Platform fundamentals. The questions cover various aspects of Power Platform, including Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and data sources.

  1. Introduction to Power Platform Certification:
  • Outlines the demand for Microsoft Power Platform Certifications.
  • Specifically focuses on PL-900, recommended for beginners.
  1. Exam Preparation Tips:
  • Highlights the significance of practicing exam questions for better preparation.
  • Mentions the availability of 25 PL-900 practice test questions.
  1. Sample Questions:
  • Each question is accompanied by a brief scenario and multiple-choice answers.
  • Provides correct answers with explanations, emphasizing the rationale behind each choice. a. Power Platform Solution for Sales Operations:
    • Describes a scenario where salespeople input customer orders, and an email with an invoice is sent, among other tasks.
    • Correctly identifies Power Apps and Power Automate as the suitable products for the solution.
    b. Data Loss Prevention Policy:
    • Asks about the default group for all connectors in a Data Loss Prevention policy.
    • Correctly identifies the default group as Non-Business.
    c. Power Platform Connectors:
    • Asks about the two types of data sources provided by Power Platform connectors.
    • Correctly identifies tabular data and function-based data.
    d. Dataverse Business Rules in Power Apps Forms:
    • Asks whether a canvas app can show or hide form fields based on a business rule.
    • Correctly identifies that only model-driven apps can show or hide form fields based on business rules.
    e. Power BI Desktop Tab for Adding Data Visualizations:
    • Asks which tab in Power BI Desktop is used to add data visualizations to a report.
    • Correctly identifies the Report tab.
    f. Adding Gantt Chart Visual in Power BI Desktop:
    • Asks what to do if a Gantt chart visual is needed in Power BI Desktop.
    • Correctly suggests importing from AppSource.
    g. Cleaning and Transforming Data for Power BI Report:
    • Asks which applications are used to clean and transform data for a Power BI report.
    • Correctly identifies Power BI Desktop and Power Query Editor.
    h. Default Visuals in Power BI Visualization Panel:
    • Asks which visuals can be used by default from the Visualization panel.
    • Correctly identifies Combo charts, Key influencers, Card, and KPI.
    i. Power BI Report Filters:
    • Asks about four types of filters that Power BI designers can use in their reports.
    • Correctly identifies Report, Page, Visual, and Drillthrough filters.
    j. Endorsement Levels for Power BI Datasets:
    • Asks about the two levels of endorsement for a Power BI dataset.
    • Correctly identifies Promoted and Certified as endorsement levels.

The article concludes by highlighting the importance of practicing these questions for a comprehensive understanding of the Power Platform Fundamentals and successful PL-900 exam preparation.

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PL 900 Exam Questions And Answers

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PL 900 Exam Questions And Answers

In short, while Dumpsarena PL 900 Exam Questions and Answers may look good on paper, they’re not the best way to prepare for the actual exam. They’re not comprehensive enough, and the questions and answers are simply too confusing to be of any real use. If you’re looking for quality test prep materials, you may be better off looking elsewhere.


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