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  • Get ahead in Microsoft certifications with Dumpsarena’s exam dumps & practice tests.
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Empower your Microsoft certification path with Dumpsarena’s cutting-edge resources. Explore key certifications for career growth in Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365.

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Microsoft certifications are highly sought after by professionals looking to validate their skills and advance their careers. With a wide range of certifications available, Microsoft offers options suitable for various career paths. Let’s explore some popular certifications offered by Microsoft:

Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

This certification is designed for specialists proficient in implementing, monitoring, and managing various aspects of Azure environments. Candidates should have at least 6 months of practical experience in Azure administration and a strong understanding of Azure workloads, core services, governance, and security. The certification requires passing the Microsoft AZ-104 exam.

Preparation Process for Microsoft AZ-104 Exam:

Candidates can prepare for the exam through instructor-led training courses or free online training. Instructor-led options include paid courses like Microsoft Azure Administrator and Azure Administration for AWS SysOps. Free online training covers various modules focusing on Azure governance, identities, storage, compute resources, virtual networking, and resource monitoring.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate

This certification is intended for Azure Data Scientists proficient in machine learning and data science. Candidates should be capable of running and implementing machine learning workloads and utilizing Azure Learning Service. The certification requires passing the Microsoft DP-100 exam.

Preparation Process for Microsoft DP-100 Exam:

Preparation options include instructor-led training courses and free online learning paths. The paid course, “Designing & Implementing Data Science Solutions on Azure,” equips candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge. Free online paths cover topics such as creating machine learning models and building AI solutions using Azure Machine Learning.

Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Functional Consultant Associate

This certification is designed for professionals skilled in integrating physical and digital systems to improve manufacturing efficiency and flexibility. Candidates must pass the Microsoft MB-300 and Microsoft MB-320 exams.

Preparation Process for Microsoft MB-300 & Microsoft MB-320 Exams:

Preparation options include instructor-led courses and free online learning paths covering various topics such as configuring Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, managing manufacturing processes, and implementing master planning for production.

Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Customer Engagement Apps (CRM)

This certification validates specialists’ skills in customer relationship management and business operations using Dynamics 365. Candidates must pass the Microsoft MB-910 exam.

Preparation Process for Microsoft MB-910 Exam:

While Microsoft does not provide recommended resources for this exam, candidates can explore third-party training courses, practice tests, books, and other study materials available online.

Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate

This certification is intended for Microsoft 365 Security Administrators responsible for securing Microsoft 365 enterprise and hybrid environments. Candidates must pass the Microsoft MS-500 exam.

Preparation Process for Microsoft MS-500 Exam:

Preparation resources include instructor-led training courses and free online learning paths covering topics such as protecting identity & access, defending against threats, managing insider risk, and protecting enterprise information.

Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate

This certification evaluates candidates’ skills in configuring, managing, and deploying Office 365 workloads for Microsoft Teams. Candidates must pass the Microsoft MS-700 exam.

Preparation Options for Microsoft MS-700 Exam:

Preparation options include instructor-led training courses and free online learning paths covering topics such as planning & configuring Microsoft Teams environments, managing chats, meetings & calling, and managing Teams & app policies.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

This certification validates skills in designing and implementing solutions on Microsoft Azure. Candidates must pass both the Microsoft AZ-303 and Microsoft AZ-304 exams.

Preparation Options for Microsoft AZ-303 and Microsoft AZ-304 Exams:

Preparation resources include instructor-led training courses and free online learning paths covering topics such as architecting network, storage, and compute infrastructure within Azure.

Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate

This certification validates skills in completing core technical business analyst projects using the Power Platform. Candidates must pass the Microsoft PL-100 exam.

Preparation Options for Microsoft PL-100 Exam:

Preparation resources include instructor-led training courses and free online learning paths covering topics such as designing solutions, creating solutions, analyzing & visualizing data, and implementing & managing solutions.

Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate

This certification validates skills in designing and building scalable data models and transforming data. Candidates must pass the Microsoft DA-100 exam.

Preparation Options for the Microsoft DA-100 Exam:

Preparation resources include instructor-led training courses and free online learning paths covering topics such as preparing data, modeling data, visualizing data, and analyzing data.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate

This certification validates skills in managing and implementing operational areas of hybrid & Cloud-native data platform solutions with Microsoft Azure Data Services and Microsoft SQL Server. Candidates must pass the Microsoft DP-300 exam.

Preparation Options for the Microsoft DP-300 Exam:

Preparation resources include instructor-led training courses and free online learning paths covering topics such as administering relational databases on Microsoft Azure.

Career Prospects:

Microsoft certifications offer a wide range of career opportunities, including roles such as Administrator, Functional Consultant, Database Administrator, Security Engineer, Data Scientist, or DevOps Engineer, among others. Professionals can earn competitive salaries ranging from $68,000 to $135,000 per annum.

The latest questions and answers in vce file format are uploaded by real users who have recently taken the exam, helping candidates pass Microsoft certification exams using Microsoft certification exam dumps, practice test questions, and answers from Dumpsarena. All resources provided by Dumpsarena aim to facilitate hassle-free preparation for Microsoft exams.

Introduction Of Microsoft Exam Dumps

Getting a Microsoft Exam Dumps is one of the best ways to advance in IT. A Microsoft Certification can help you get hired or promoted as an IT professional, analyst, developer, system administrator, or database administrator. Microsoft has several certifications, and even though the Microsoft Training department recently made changes to make the paths and categories easier to understand, some students still find it hard to decide which to pursue.

Getting IT certifications through the Microsoft Certification Program shows that a person is good at a specific IT role and can lead to a lot of work and personal benefits. For example, studies show that getting an IT certification increases the chances of getting a job (or a promotion). Over 80% of hiring managers say IT certifications are essential when hiring decisions.

Cloud computing is likely one of the technologies that are growing the fastest right now. This is good news for job seekers because it means jobs managing cloud technology will continue to grow. Amazon, Google, and IBM have cloud services products to capture the growing market. Still, Microsoft is the market leader, with 29 percent of the cloud market’s application workload.

Microsoft Exam Dumps

Given that number, it’s not surprising that the need for IT professionals certified in Microsoft is also growing. As more companies use Microsoft’s cloud services, the demand for professionals who are certified experts will only grow. Certifications show you know what you’re doing and can lead to a better role and higher salary. Start by determining the right certification path for your goals and needs.

What Does “Microsoft Exam Dumps” Mean?

Microsoft Certification proves that you have the technical skills needed for various jobs and tests your level of employment. You can get certified at three levels: primary, associate, and expert. Microsoft Certification also offers Specialty Certifications that focus on one cloud domain topic. There are a total of twenty-five different Microsoft Certifications that you can get by passing tests to prove what you know. Depending on the level of certification, Microsoft Certification costs anywhere from $99 to $165.

An Overview Of The Microsoft Exam Dumps Program

At the moment, there are seven main parts to the Microsoft Certification Program:

  • Cloud Platform and Infrastructure:
    This category includes business intelligence, Windows Server 2016, Microsoft, machine learning, cloud data platform solutions, data analytics, big data, software-defined data centers, server infrastructures, private and hybrid clouds, DevOps, and more. This is the “new normal” for Microsoft certification.
  • Mobility:
    This category is for end-user and desktop topics, such as Windows 10, desktop and enterprise applications, working with System Center Configuration Manager and Intune, and planning for and managing devices in an enterprise setting.
  • Data Management and Analytics:
    This field now includes Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and other Microsoft database technologies, machine learning, business intelligence, business applications, data management, and analytics. Also significant is database development, which involves working with Transact-SQL and making SQL databases. Business applications cover Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics AX in a lot of detail. Data management and analytics cover a wide range of topics, such as cloud data platform solutions, big data analytics solutions, database solutions, putting data models and reports into action, and different parts of business intelligence solutions.
  • Productivity:
    The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) credentials and those related to Microsoft’s productivity tools, like Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, and Skype for Business, as well as the identities, requirements, and services of Office 365, are all in this category.
  • App Builder is a development-focused category that explains how to build compatible software using Microsoft solutions and platforms. This category covers architecting, designing, testing, and building solutions around Microsoft, programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3, making ASP.NET MVC Web apps, managing development throughout the entire software lifecycle, and more.
  • Business Applications: This category is about Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms and technologies, such as Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Distribution, Trade, Trade, Financial Management (Finance and Operations), Retail, Talent, Field Service, and other applications.
  • Core Infrastructure focuses on virtualization, storage, networking, system management, identity management, and modern data centers.

The Advantages Of Getting A Microsoft Exam Dumps

With Microsoft certifications, you can pursue a wide range of jobs in this field. About 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft in some way, so the number of job opportunities for professionals certified in Microsoft has grown yearly. By getting Microsoft certifications, you show current and potential employers that you have the right skills and knowledge to be an asset. It could help you get new job opportunities, make more money, and move forward in your career. Adding certifications to your resume can make you more likely to get an interview and help you stand out from others applying for the same job.

What Will You Learn In Courses To Get A Microsoft Certification?

Most Microsoft certification courses start by teaching you the basics, such as how cloud services work and how they are done explicitly on Microsoft. The main things you’ll learn in this course are cloud basics, services, security, pricing, and privacy. The certifications are based on roles meant to help you learn the skills you need to do a real job.

The basic certification covers all the cloud skills you’d learn in your first year. The intermediate certificate requires three to five years of work, while the expert certificate requires five to seven. Depending on which certification you choose, you may need to renew your Microsoft certification every year. Knowing what you need to do to keep your credential is essential. For example, you might have to take a renewal exam and finish a certain number of hours of continuing education to qualify.

Microsoft Exam Dumps

Why Do The Microsoft Exam Dumps?

Certification takes time and money, so you should choose a place that gives certificates useful in the real world. Microsoft is known for having great tests that lead to a wide range of great certifications. If you take any of the certification paths they offer, you’ll get world-class work and, hopefully, learn some excellent new skills along the way. After all, Microsoft is well-known in the business world, and its employees work in different tech fields worldwide. Whether it’s one exam or many, you can find everything Microsoft offers on Dumpsarena so you can start your way to a rewarding career.

Why Should I Use Dumpsarena?

So, it’s exciting to know that you can get certified and start making a lot of money without spending years studying. But why would you choose us to help you learn over other places? We think that you should work smarter, not harder, at Dumpsarena. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the size of the IT industry and all the certification information. Some certification providers give potential candidates short courses so that they can understand all the courses the provider offers.

No one wants to spend hours sorting course materials and supplies they won’t use on the exam or at work. To deal with this, websites with simplified test guides and suitable materials started to pop up on the internet. However, many competing websites are not good places to study for tests. Low-quality test prep sites may have CAPTCHA barriers, subscription fees, outdated materials, and fees after fees.

Our commitment to you and the community sets Dumpsarena apart from other test prep sites. We do this because we love certification, getting certified, and helping people. On Dumpsarena, everything is given away for free. We are also putting together a community of experts and friends who know how to make great tools. You help build this community, whether you need help with a complex topic or want to teach new techie’s important ideas. User-friendly. It’s easy to find. New and cutting-edge. Dumpsarena is a hobby that can help you get the score you’ve always wanted.

Don’t think we’re not good because we’re a community for people to get together. Dumpsarena updates every exam and has experts test the materials for flaws. Our practice exams look like real exams, and our study guides, called “exam dumps,” are so good that our competitors steal them. We know that our content is some of the best, and, as we’ve already said, it’s free. No tricks. No CAPTCHA. You have nothing stopping you from learning and going after your dream job.

Microsoft Dumps

We talk about a good game, but we also play it. Don’t just take our word for it if you are still on the fence about using Dumpsarena. We understand that any new tool can be a little scary. Even the best tools take time to get used to. Look at some of our most popular tests to see how hard we work to make Dumpsarena the best place to study and the best community. Then read the comments and questions. We’re willing to stake our reputation on Dumpsarena being the best way to study. Look over our materials, learn about a new exam, and start studying. It’ll change you.

Microsoft Certified Professional

A Microsoft Certified Professional is a trained and certified technician in charge of running the software and technology for an organization. Professional techs at Microsoft deal with customer problems, set up programs and answer customers’ questions about the company’s software. Most of the time, these technicians are experts at setting up, running, and maintaining Microsoft client applications and programs. Businesses in the telecom and IT fields still need certified professionals, either full-time or freelance, to ensure they can do their jobs well.

Also, certified Microsoft professionals help the company with technical issues like client operating systems, networks, web design, desktop support, and more. Microsoft technicians offer consistent and qualified help for Microsoft products, servers, clouds, and systems run by clients. Microsoft Certified Professional is still important for businesses and network centers to do their regular jobs.

IT professionals who get Microsoft certification are often given more credit by hiring and supervising managers. They also tend to do better on the job and have more chances to move up. Large-volume Microsoft purchase or subscription agreements often include funding for official curriculum training and Microsoft certification exam vouchers.

Here’s How The Different Types Of Microsoft Certification Affect Jobs And Careers:

  • A Microsoft Cloud certification is ideal for an IT professional who designs, deploys, configures, and manages a Windows Server environment, either stand-alone or in the cloud. People with this certification work as systems administrators, analysts, and technical specialists (often on SQL Server, Skype for Business, or Exchange Server).
  • A Microsoft Mobility certification is for people who deploy, configure, or manage a Windows desktop environment and related devices on-premises or in the cloud. IT professionals with this type of certification often work as help desk technicians, support staff, and systems administrators, to name a few.
  • Microsoft Productivity certifications have recently received more attention, coverage, and momentum. People who get these certifications work with important Windows platforms like Office, Office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365, which includes CRM, ERP, and more. They usually ensure that regular employees can work well and efficiently and that technology helps the company’s bottom line.
Microsoft Dumps
  • Certifications from Microsoft for data cover a lot of ground. Most business computing relies on storing data, and almost every website runs one or more databases in the background. A database administrator builds, stores, retrieves, fixes, and secures databases. IT professionals interested in business intelligence, big data, and data analytics will find a lot to learn here.
  • Microsoft App Builder certifies app and mobile developers using programming languages and source code. A developer creates, tests, deploys, and modifies computer and electronic device software alone or with a team. This certification portfolio also includes developing Microsoft’s cloud-based environment and software lifecycle management.
  • Microsoft Business Applications certifications are for people who work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 back-office, line-of-business, and operations systems and applications. This credential is for people who upgrade, configure, and customize such systems and build custom applications in-house or for clients. These professionals help with custom configurations for sales, field service, retail, finance, distribution and trade, and more.
  • Trainers (MCTs) and teachers (MCEs) are also essential to Microsoft’s ecosystem. MCTs, focus on preparing people for the workplace and teaching them job-related skills and knowledge across all platforms, tools, and technologies. Students use Microsoft tools, technologies, platforms, and development environments from elementary school to college.
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